Having equipped three of my bikes with ROCKBROS MTB Pedals, I’ve come to see them as an unbeatable blend of value and performance. These pedals, with their lightweight nylon fiber construction, are perfect not just for mountain biking aficionados but also for anyone riding BMX, eBikes, or hybrid bikes in search of a significant upgrade.

I'm guessing I have over 500 miles on these pedals
I’m guessing I have over 500 miles on these pedals

Their broad platform, equipped with studs, significantly enhances grip and stability, making every ride, whether on rugged trails or long stretches, more secure and efficient. The straightforward installation process, marked clearly for each pedal, is a straightforward timesaver.

Riding through tricky, muddy paths, I was impressed by how well the anti-skid studs kept my feet in place, offering a steadfast grip even when the terrain tried its best to throw me off balance.

I've bought these pedals before and love them
I’ve bought these pedals before and love them

Bottom Line – Do I Recommend?

Having personally invested in three sets of ROCKBROS MTB Pedals, I can vouch for their reliability, superior grip, and lightweight design, suitable for various biking adventures. Their quality, paired with an attractive price, makes them a standout choice for riders of all levels. For those looking to upgrade, I highly recommend checking out the ROCKBROS MTB Pedals with this Amazon shortcut link 👉 ROCKBROS MTB Platform Pedals

Diving Into the Details: ROCKBROS MTB Pedals

Having given the ROCKBROS pedals a thorough test on various trails, I’m thoroughly impressed by their robust build and exceptional grip. The combination of nylon fiber body and Cr-Mo spindle contributes significantly to their durability, effectively standing up to shocks, wear, and the elements.

Even when the trails turned into a muddy mess, the anti-skid studs on these pedals proved invaluable, keeping my feet securely in place when others might have slipped. The pedals’ wide platform also made a big difference, offering a solid and stable base for my feet without adding much weight—just 0.8 pounds, to be precise. This lightweight design is something I’ve come to appreciate, especially on those longer, more challenging climbs.

Moreover, the inclusion of sealed bearings is a smart touch, shielding the pedals from water and dust, which not only enhances performance but also cuts down on maintenance. Given my positive experience, I’m already planning to get another set for my wife’s eBike, confident they’ll bring the same level of performance and reliability.

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Key Features Unveiled: Enhance Your Ride with ROCKBROS MTB Pedals

Dive into the standout features of ROCKBROS MTB Pedals that elevate your biking experience, combining durability, comfort, and performance.

You can see how much larger the ROCKBROS Pedals are, nearly 1.5 inches wider
You can see how much larger the ROCKBROS Pedals are, nearly 1.5 inches wider
  • Wide Platform Design: Ensures a stable base for your feet, enhancing control and pedaling efficiency.
  • Anti-Skid Studs: Keep your feet securely in place, providing confidence on slippery or rough terrain.
  • Sealed Bearings: Protect against water and dust ingress, minimizing maintenance and prolonging pedal life.
  • Lightweight Nylon Fiber Body: Reduces overall bike weight, making climbs easier and rides more enjoyable.
  • Cr-Mo Spindle: Offers exceptional strength and durability, ready to withstand the toughest trails.

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Durability Defined: My ROCKBROS MTB Pedals Experience

The large platform and the studs add confidence and grip
The large platform and the studs add confidence and grip

Right from the start, the robust build of the ROCKBROS MTB Pedals was clear. Built with tough nylon fiber platform and a Cr-Mo spindle, these pedals have effortlessly clocked over 500 miles in two years, still offering fantastic grip and showing minimal wear.

They’ve shrugged off rock strikes, and mud, proving themselves on rocky paths and under harsh conditions. This resilience not only highlights their quality but confirms they’re an excellent upgrade for any rider seeking lasting performance.

Great Grip for Secure Pedaling

Securing footing on pedals tends to be tricky, especially on wet or muddy rides. However, the anti-skid studs dotting each side of these pedals gripped my shoes firmly.

Even when caked in mud, my feet stayed in place without slipping. This is a genuine bonus for riders who like to push their limits off-road.

Wider Platform & Lightweight Design

The wider platform of 4.1 inches allowed my feet ample room for optimal positioning and comfort, which was noticeable on longer rides.

Easy to Install with Sealed Bearings

Installation was a breeze. I appreciated the clear ‘CR-L’ and ‘CR-R’ markings, indicating left and right pedals, which prevented any mix-ups.

Using a 15mm wrench I was able to remove the old and install the new in a couple minutes.  Check out my video below because it’s important to remember that the drive side pedal is a reverse thread.

The sealed bearing design not only simplifies maintenance but also protects against water and dust intrusion.

I’ve ridden in the rain a few times now and noticed less grating noise than with previous pedals, suggesting the sealed bearings are doing their job well.

Pro Tip: Check for Play: Periodically check your pedals for any lateral play or looseness. Excessive movement can indicate worn bearings or a loose spindle, which can affect your riding efficiency and safety. Early detection and repair can prevent more serious issues. Learn more about pedals 👉 HERE

Pros and Cons

Recently, I’ve used thes pedals for years and have been happy with their performance. I’ll walk you through their strong points and the few drawbacks I’ve encountered.

– Rugged nylon fiber surface and high-strength Cr-Mo spindle make these pedals sturdy.– Larger than some stock pedals but may not be significantly larger for those seeking a major size upgrade.
– Resistant to abrasion and corrosion, even in rough terrain. 
I bought Black, but available in 5 Colors 
– Anti-skid studs on both sides ensure feet stay in place, even in muddy conditions.
– Wide platform is comfortable for long rides.
– Lightweight at just 0.8 pounds, not adding unnecessary weight.
– Ergonomic design supports pedaling efficiency.
– Easy installation with clearly marked sides for left and right.
– Sealed bearing protects against water and dust, reducing maintenance needs.
– Standard 9/16″ spindle is the standard for most bikes.

Rider Insights: of the ROCKBROS MTB Pedals

Digging into the ROCKBROS MTB Pedals, I’ve meshed my own experiences with the collective feedback from a whopping 6,478 reviews, landing these pedals a stellar 4.7-star rating. Here’s the lowdown on the top three takeaways:

I've bought multiple sets of these pedals and highly recommend them
I’ve bought multiple sets of these pedals and highly recommend them

1. Installation and Grip: Getting these pedals on my bike was a no-fuss affair, and the difference in grip was like night and day. They’re light yet offer a solid platform, making every ride smoother and more secure.

2. Value: Initially, I was skeptical about the low price, but these pedals have proven themselves to be an unbeatable value. They’ve stood up to all kinds of abuse on the trails, echoing the durability many other riders have praised.

3. Performance: The enhanced grip over standard pedals has been a game-changer, significantly reducing foot slippage, even in wet conditions. This upgrade has made my rides safer and more enjoyable, a sentiment widely shared by the biking community.

While there’s a minor note on packaging occasionally getting dinged during shipping, the pedals themselves have consistently come out unscathed and ready for action.

DIY MTB Pro Tip: Regular Maintenance Checks: Keep your pedals spinning smoothly by regularly checking and cleaning them, especially after rides in muddy or wet conditions. A quick check can prevent buildup and wear, extending the life of your pedals. Read about more maintenance 👉 DIY MTB Maintenance

The Last Spin: Why ROCKBROS Pedals Are a Ride Above the Rest

After decking out my mountain bike and planning to upgrade my wife’s eBike with ROCKBROS MTB Pedals, I’m sold on their blend of durability, performance, and value. Surviving over 500 miles of rugged terrain without a hitch, these pedals have proven their mettle.

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They’re lightweight, enhancing long rides without compromising on stability or grip. They add nearly an inch and a half to the size of a regular pedal, their design significantly boosts stability and control.

Simple to install and a solid match for my bike’s look, these pedals have echoed the positive experiences of countless riders. For those eyeing a quality upgrade without the hefty price tag, ROCKBROS pedals are a smart pick.


David Humphries is the creator of DIY Mountain Bike. For me a relaxing day involves riding my mountain bike to decompress after a long day. When not on my bike I can be found wrenching on it or making YouTube videos at 👉 DIY Mountain Bike Read more about David HERE.