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Hi David Humphries here!  Welcome to DIY Mountain Bike.

I created this website to help the beginning mountain biker advance quickly in skills.  Like so many passion activities the folks who are writing about it don’t “start at the beginning”

That’s what DIY Mountain Bike is going to do; start at the beginning.  I’ll provide a glossary of terms and acronyms to let you know what things like:

  • SPD
  • LBS
  • Eggbeaters
  • Bottom bracket
  • Clipless pedals – this one is weird.  It describes actually having clips on your pedals.

I’m an avid mountain biker, I get out a couple times a week and have actually entered a couple races.  But more importantly I truly enjoy communicating and showing folks what I’ve learned.  I also also have Pro Mountain Bikers and Endurance Racers helping provide articles.

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David Humphries

Authors at DIY Mountain Bike

David Humphries Mountain Biker and Outdoors Enthusiast

Read more about David Humphries the creator and writer at DIY Mountain Bike. You can find my BIO Here.

Hannah Finchamp Professional Mountain Biker, Trainer and Author

Hannah Finchamp is a professional mountain biker for the Orange Seal Pro Team. When she isn’t riding her own bike she is coaching others to reach their goals as a Certified USA Cycling Coach and Certified Athletic Trainer. To learn more about the author please visit www.hannahfinchamp.com

Hunter Wienke – Author at DIY Mountain Bike

Hunter Wienke With a passion for two wheels and the outdoors Hunter writes with experience and a natural skill for explaining complex topics in a way most folks can understand. The perfect mix of art, flair and entertainment. Read more about Hunter Wienke Here

Kat Jahnigen – Writer and Rider at DIY Mountain Bike

Kat Jahnigen Writer

Professional writer Kat Jahnigen was 2 miles from the nearest village – and roughly 2,310 miles – from the nearest English-speaking town – when her bike tire burst. At that time, she was a college student on a bike trip across the desolate, rocky island of Crete. It suddenly occurred to her that it would’ve been good to learn some basic bike repairs before setting off on a solo bike trip.

Check out Kat’s website WriteHire at writehire.net.