Selecting Mountain Bikes for Teenage Boy Adventurers

Shopping for the best mountain bikes for a teenage boy can be challenging. While teens are at the age when they know how to ride a bike, there are still many factors that they need to master in terms of mountain biking. Mountain bike for teenager Choosing the Right...

Hiking Shoes For Mountain Biking? (Let’s Find Out)

Can I use hiking shoes for mountain biking? Everyone knows how durable hiking shoes are. However, you might be wondering if they're any good for pedaling a mountain bike. Hiking shoes are a viable option for mountain biking. The stiff soles and durability are perfect...

How To Measure And Cut Bike Cables

I discovered the surprisingly simple art of cutting and installing bike cables. Gone are the days when I'd nervously haul my bike to the local pro for every little tweak, worried I'd botch the cable length. Now, armed with the right know-how and tools, I'm my own bike...

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DIY Mountain Bike About Hi David here, creator of DIY Mountain Bike.  The goal of this website to help the beginning mountain biker advance quickly in skills.  Like so many passion activities the great folks who are writing about it don’t “start at the beginning”  I'm commited to the information to get you up to speed fast. Read more about me - HERE

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What Is A Folding Bike Tire (Is It Bad?)

What Is A Folding Bike Tire (Is It Bad?)

Ever heard of a folding bike tire? Sounds pretty nifty, right? Usually, if you want to bring a spare tire on a mountain biking trip, you're stuck carrying it by hand – not exactly convenient since these tires aren't exactly pocket-sized. But imagine this: a tire that...

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Mountain Bike Pedals

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Mountain Bike Repair Stand

Bikehand YC-100BH Bike Stand

Mountain Bike Tire Gauge

Mountain Bike Tire Gauge