How to Install a Kickstand on a Mountain Bike (with Video)

So you want to know how to install a kickstand on your mountain bike? This article will cover everything you need to know, including the tools you need for kickstand installation, how to select a kickstand and considerations for if you should install a kickstand on...

Mountain Bike Dropper Posts (A Complete Guide)

One of my favorite things about mountain biking is the fact that there is always something to improve on. You can spend years honing your fitness or working on your technical skills. There are always improvements to be made, which makes the progression in this sport...

How to Install SPD Cleats on Mountain Bike Shoes [Step by Step with Video]

You know that saying “be careful what you wish for”? Last year, I asked for clipless mountain bike shoes and pedals for my birthday. Ripping off the ribbons and tearing the wrapping paper, I saw an amazing-looking pair of shoes and shiny, high-tech pedals. And a...

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DIY Mountain Bike About Hi David here, creator of DIY Mountain Bike.  The goal of this website to help the beginning mountain biker advance quickly in skills.  Like so many passion activities the great folks who are writing about it don’t “start at the beginning”  I'm commited to the information to get you up to speed fast. Read more about me - HERE

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7 Tips for Indoor Mountain Bike Training

7 Tips for Indoor Mountain Bike Training

When snow hits the ground and the trails turn from mountain biking paradise to a skier’s winter wonderland it can feel like it’s time to hang the bike in the garage and kiss your mountain bike fitness good-bye for several months. It doesn’t have to be that way though!...

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Mountain Bike Pedals

Recommended MTB Pedals

Mountain Bike Repair Stand

Bikehand YC-100BH Bike Stand

Mountain Bike Tire Gauge

Mountain Bike Tire Gauge