Here’s How MTB Tires Are Measured (With 2 Examples and Easy Tips)

It is good to know the tire size of your mountain bike. This way, you will be able to purchase a replacement tire whenever you need to. But to ensure that you are getting the correct tire size, you need to know the easiest methods to measure it accurately. There are...

Repair Old Bike or Buy New One – Here Are Your Options

Bicycles have a long lifespan; with a bit of maintenance, you can breathe a new life into your old mountain bike. However, technology has brought us new and improved mountain bike engineering. For this reason, you might contemplate whether you want to repair the old...

Road Bike Vs. Mountain Bike Safety (7 Points to Save Your Life)

Road bike vs mountain bike safety. It’s something you might wonder if you’re considering getting into either sport. Both mountain and road biking are excellent ways to exercise while having fun. However, the dilemma that every biker faces is safety. Road biking is...

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