Fluid vs Magnetic Bike Trainers (Which is Best?)

Indoor riding can be a highly efficient and useful way to train, especially during the colder months. Completing your workout on the trainer can give you a lot of bang for your buck, but it usually isn’t as exciting as flying around the trails. A good set up can make...

Why Do Mountain Bike Helmets Have Visors?

Mountain biking helmets have evolved much like the bikes themselves.  “Mountain Biking” is a relatively new sport originating in the 1970’s.  Using helmets back then was to avoid injury.  Heavy, hot open face motorcycle helmets were used. ...

Why are Mountain Bike Handlebars So Wide?

When you first roll up to the trailhead, it’s hard not to look around and compare. Seeing bikes of all brands, styles, and levels may either intrigue you or intimidate you depending on your confidence and experience level. You might notice that even some of the same...

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How to Pace Yourself on a Mountain Bike

How to Pace Yourself on a Mountain Bike

We all know that feeling; you’re out on the trail, someone paces you, and you can’t help but increase the pace a little bit. Better yet, you are in a race and at the start everyone sprints out of the gate. Mountain biking can be extremely challenging to pace due to...

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Mountain Bike Pedals

Recommended MTB Pedals

Mountain Bike Repair Stand

Bikehand YC-100BH Bike Stand

Mountain Bike Tire Gauge

Mountain Bike Tire Gauge