What Is a Bike Dork Disc and Do I Need It?

A bike dork disc is a bike component that you may not have heard of before now. Still, almost everyone who has owned a bike has had one at one time or another. While some know what dork discs are, other bikers do not know their purpose and importance. A dork disc is a...

GoPro Settings For Mountain Biking (Get the Best Video)

Proper GoPro settings for mountain biking are crucial if you want to take videos of your adventures with high and consistent quality. However, GoPro’s settings seem to be a little too technical for bikers who are not camera-savvy. In reality, setting your GoPro is not...

Should You Pedal When Shifting Gears on a Bike (Smooth Shifting)

You need to pedal when shifting, but it’s best to ease up on the pressure slightly to allow the chain to index to the next gear.  Applying heavy pedal pressure while shifting can cause excessive wear and skipping on the cassette and chain. Without the pedaling...

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