The Raleigh Kodiak Mountain Bike is an entry-level full suspension MTB. The price will not empty your pocket, making it a decent choice for beginners. However, what can entry-level riders expect from this MTB?

Some bikers do not recommend the Raleigh Kodiak as it did not come from a high-end company. But this full-suspension bike has 27.5 plus tires that provide additional traction on the trail. The bike also gives users better handling and comfort while cycling.

It is essential to know what people think of a particular MTB when looking to purchase one. But more importantly, you need to check the features yourself to determine if your chosen model fits you.

Hill Climbing on a Raleigh Mountain Bike
Hill Climbing on a Raleigh Mountain Bike

What Do People Think of The Raleigh Kodiak Mountain Bike?

There is no denying that the brand Raleigh is not one of the top MTB brands. However, it can still produce good mountain bikes for beginners and mid-level riders. If you are on a tight budget, you can opt for the Raleigh Kodak mountain bike.

But first, what do mountain bikers think about this full suspension MTB?

What People Think

Raleigh is considered a second-tier brand. However, this branding does not have anything to do with quality. To know what people, think about the Raleigh Kodiak MTB, we have dug different forums, and here are some of the things we found:

According to Paul Gobat, “Raleigh bicycles are considered a ‘second-tier” brand.

It has NOTHING to do with quality.” The brand produces good-quality bikes at a reasonable price. Such is especially true now that many other brands now settle into using factory-made components. That said, people looking to buy a mountain bike should buy a mountain bike based on their needs and not the brand. (source)

On another forum, a Raleigh Kodiak mountain bike user said that the said bike handled rocky and rooty trails quite well. The bike shop where they bought the Raleigh Kodiak even said its frame design is similar to the Santa Cruz Bantam suspension bike. For this reason, the Raleigh Kodiak is a worthy purchase if you are looking for an entry-level bike. (source)

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Apart from the reviews mentioned above, some people who used the Raleigh Kodiak mountain bike also think it is good quality. Despite the price and Raleighโ€™s position in the mountain bike industry, the Kodiak mountain bike can still provide what beginner mountain bikers need.

On the other hand, some bikers think that the said MTB is not worth buying. It has an old design, and the brand does not pay attention to integrating new technology. Still, users should choose a mountain bike based on their needs and requirements.

On top of that, Raleigh has been in the market since 1885. For this reason, you can ensure that it only develops mountain bikes that can cater to every rider’s needs. (source)

What to Expect with the Raleigh Kodiak MTB?

The Raleigh Kodiak is not selective. For this reason, it is an excellent choice for beginners and experts alike. It is simple yet reliable and provides a great ride on various trails.

Additionally, the Raleigh Kodiak comes in two variants: Kodiak 1 and Kodiak 2.

Raleigh Kodiak 1

The Raleigh Kodiak 1 possesses all the features that an entry-level bike should have. Its design caters to cyclists who want to explore rough trails without abusing their bikes or feeling discomfort. Even better, you do not have to spend much to experience the features of this excellent mountain bike.

Here is what to expect about the Raleigh Kodiak 1:

1. Excellent Geometry Frame and Fork

The frame is one of the most vital components of a mountain bike. If a bike has a poor frame and fork, it will not perform well even on smooth terrains.

For this reason, Raleigh integrated a sturdy frame and fantastic fork into the Raleigh Kodiak mountain bike. The Kodiak 1 features the AL-6061 frame with 120mm of travel. Such is a lightweight frame that consists of aluminum, which makes it highly durable.

2. Wheelset

If you are an amateur cyclist, you will need a mountain bike with excellent stability and ground traction. This feature is something that the Kodiak 1 offers. It comes with the following:

  • Weimann U28 rims
  • 14g stainless steel spokes
  • 27.5 plus tires

The broad surface areas provide added traction, especially when the trail is not friendly. In addition, the Kodiak 1โ€™s wheelset promotes excellent handling of obstacles.

3. Suspension System

Any bicycle without a good suspension system will not give you a comfortable ride. So, Raleigh added a dual-suspension mechanism called the SR Suntour Raidon R air shock to the Kodiak 1. The said suspension system offers four inches of travel. For this reason, it can absorb even the heaviest bumps for utmost comfort.

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That said, you can comfortably sit on the Raleigh Kodiak mountain bike as its suspension system will keep you from any discomfort.

4. Easy to Build

When you purchase the Raleigh Kodiak 1 mountain bike, it will come to your doorstep with 85 percent of the assembled parts. For this reason, you will not have a hard time figuring out how you should connect the components.

In addition, the package comes with a user manual and guide. So, you will find the remaining installation process easy.

The Raleigh Kodiak mountain bike installation must look like a challenging process. But thanks to the prebuilt parts, the final steps should not take much of your time. (source)

Get a free PDF download of the Owners Manual and Instructions for your Raleigh Bike – HERE

Raleigh Kodiak 2

Generally, Raleigh bikes are popular in the market for their quality and affordability. The brand made the Kodiak 2 easy to ride while maintaining comfort. For this reason, this particular mountain bike can conquer rocky trails and bumpy rides on hilly roads.

So, what can cyclists expect on the Raleigh Kodak 2?

1. Rear Suspension

The Raleigh Kodiak 2 features enough suspension for comfortable rides no matter what terrain you are trying to conquer. It has the Rockshox Monarch R suspensions that absorb bumps and provide cyclists with responsive handling.

Additionally, the rear suspension system has a simple single pivot design. Still, it works expertly for both easy and rough terrains. You will even barely feel the shock with this suspension system.

2. Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Braking power is essential when mountain biking. Raleigh is aware of this fact, so it incorporated hydraulic disc brakes to the Kodiak 2.

The Kodiak 2 mountain bike has the Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes. For this reason, the bike can provide immediate stopping regardless of the weather condition.

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Additionally, this mountain bike has the Tektro Auriga two-finger brake levers. This feature serves as a support for the hydraulic disc brakes.

The hydraulic disc brakes are the best bike brakes available currently. For this reason, you can ensure that you will be in control of the Kodiak 2 even on rocky trails.

3. Durable Frame and Fork

The Raleigh Kodiak Mountain bike has the AL-6061, similar to the Kodiak 1. This frame makes the bike lightweight yet durable. Even better, it forms a perfect trail geometry for the bike.

As per the fork, the Kodiak 2 features the SR Suntour Raidon 32 Air front forks.

That said, the combination of the frame and fork makes the Raleigh Kodiak 2 worth the price.

4. Rims and Tires

Every mountain bike should have robust rims and tires and rims for it to conquer terrains with ease. The tires should have enough surface area for excellent grip and traction. But more than that, these tires should be made of high-quality materials.

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The Raleigh Kodiak mountain bike boasts itself for the Weinmann tubeless rims, which withstand rough trails and abuse. It measures 27.5โ€ wide, allowing it to provide excellent grip and traction for all terrains.

On the other hand, the tires are the Kenda Havoc 27.5 x 2.8. Such can effortlessly tramp over rocks so that you will experience an easy ride.

5. Easy to Ride

The frame of the Raleigh Kodiak 2 gives it an intricate geometry. You will not feel uncomfortable while sitting on the saddle as it is adjustable and features a good shape.

In addition, the front fork and rear suspension allow you to ride on rocky trails without feeling any bumps. The reason is that the fork, rear suspension, tubeless rims, and wide tires absorb shock. (source)

The Pros and Cons Of The Raleigh Kodiak 1 and 2


Entry-level bikes are an introduction for riders who want to explore more riding aspirations. These bikes need to be comfortable and easy to use, thanks to their various mechanisms. That said, the Raleigh Kodiak mountain bike has the features that beginner and intermediate riders need to have.

Raleigh Kodiak 1Raleigh Kodiak 2
It features the Shimano drivetrain for uphill climbing.The Kodiak 2 has an 11-speed drivetrain that has a trigger shifter for uphill cycling.
The dual suspension system is perfect for beating rocky trails.It has an aluminum frame for a lightweight and robust body
Has the durable aluminum alloy frameAn excellent suspension bike for intermediate riders
30.9mm adjustable seat position, which you can adjust according to your heightHydraulic disc brakes for instant stopping
Features hydraulic brakes for excellent stopping powerThe robust Kenda Havoc Tire and Weinmann U50 rim can roll over anything (source)


Just like any other mountain bike, the Raleigh Kodiak mountain bike has its own set of disadvantages. But the good thing is that the disadvantages of the Raleigh mountain bikes will not directly affect your cycling experience. 

Raleigh Kodiak 1Raleigh Kodiak 2
The frame is heavy compared to other beginner mountain bikesDoes not have a water bottle holder
No water bottle mountThe bike itself is a little heavy for beginner riders (source)

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