Best Mountain Bike Travel Bag – EVOC Bike Travel Bag PRO

Traveling with your mountain bike – especially on a plane requires a great Bike Bag! Don’t fool around with some kind of make shift package. Showing up for a vacation with your bike all busted up just isn’t worth it.
I highly recommend the EVOC Bike Travel Bag Pro (link to Amazon to check prices and more reviews)

EVOC PRO (pic links to AMAZON)

The EVOC PRO is the top of the line bike travel bag. It fits Road bikes and Larger Mountain Bikes, 29-inch wheel and oversize 27.5 wheels are not problem. (air down tires for travel)

I have a Specialized FS with a medium size frame and full suspension 29-inch wheels. I was able to easily fit the wheels, and frame in the bag.

I did take the seat off (optional) and removed the handle bars. I wasn’t sure if I should keep the rear derailleur on or off. So, I removed it and wrapped it with foam.

What Dis-Assembly is Needed to Pack Your MTB

The minimum items that need to be removed are; pedals, handle bars and wheels. I remove a little more, but I like wrapping the parts in foam.
Remember to pack some tools when traveling with your mountain bike.

To read about how a Pro Mountain Bike Racer packs for Travel in this article –How to Pack Your Mountain Bike

I have a complete list of tools in this article – LINK – The Ultimate Mountain Bike Tool Checklist.

How Does the EVOC Protect Your Bike from Damage?

  • The handle on the front and the wheel set on the bottom back of the bag acts a support, this stops things from crushing the bag. When I first saw the bag I thought, no way is this going to work, but lots of trips and flights have given me confidence.
  • The wheels are protected in a couple ways. First, they are separated from the bike. Second, the hub area has a hard-plastic cover that protects both sides of the bike.
  • Lots of straps secure the bike in the bag preventing it from moving around. These straps can also hole foam wrap in place by tightly squeezing it around the frame.
  • The bottom is a molded frame with aluminum reinforcement bars. This provides a stable platform to attach your bike and forms a backbone for the bag.
  • The fork slips into a heavy-duty foam sleeve. This protects my brakes, forks and fork seals. The Handle bar tucks behind the frame.The bottom bracket is supported by a flexible “box” which can be positioned to best support the lower area, pedals and chain ring.

Getting Around With the EVOC Bag – Airport and Home

The EVOC has wheels set far apart to make the bag super stable. When I measured the width it was 14 inches. With the molded bottom the bag easily rolls around on carpet and cement.

Because the EVOC is soft sided bag it will fold down to 60 inches long by 14 inches wide by 10 inches high (147 x 36 x 22 cm) This makes it easy to stash into a closet.

Don’t let the stuff I’m saying here talk you into this bike bag. Go to Amazon and read reviews. Lots of reviews with great feedback. – LINK HERE – EVOC Bike Travel Bag PRO

The one little negative with this bike bag is I wish it had a couple more pockets. Usually I have some extra space in the bag and wish I could stick a couple more things in the bag. This would make it a little more difficult for TSA to inspect the bag though.

Some Common Questions Asked About the EVOC Bag

  • How big of a tire will fit? Plus size 27.5-in and 29-inch tires will fit. It’s best to deflate the tire a little. Remember to pack a mini-pump to air your tire back-up.
MTB Bag for Travel
MTB Bag for Travel
  • What’s the difference between the EVOC PRO and the Regular EVOC? The PRO comes standard with a molded base with aluminum reinforcement which doubles as a bike stand and the frame pad.
  • Will the EVOC Pro Fit Boost wheels? Yes, the wider boost wheels fit.What Types of bike will fit in the bag? Cross Country, All Mountain, Endro, Freeride and Downhill bikes. The bag will also accommodate Road and Triathlon-Bikes.