Can I put a basket on a mountain bike? Yes, on most mountain bikes you can install a basket. The type of basket and location will vary by the type of mountain bike you have. Let’s dig into the subtleties of each style and lead you to a basket solution for your bike.

Type of MTB FrameBest Location for BasketExample on Amazon (linked)
Rigid (No Suspension)Either Front or Rear* I love the Ibera with PakRak
Front SuspensionRear (Seat Tube and Seat Stay)Ibera with PakRak
Full SuspensionFront (Handle Bar)Topeak Front Bike Basket
*preferred for strength and capacity
Ibera Bike Rack and Bag
Ibera Bike Rack and Bag 👉 Link to Amazon

A study conducted by Richard Bunning, Zachary Cole, and Mathew Lamont for the Journal Of Vacation Marketing revealed that the number of recreational mountain bikers in the US had an annual increase of 1.13% from 2006 to 2012. So, it is no longer surprising to see mountain bikes cruising across the commuter roads.

Suppose you are one of the people who use their mountain bikes for commuting. In that case, chances are you think making some adjustments to make commuting more convenient. One of these adjustments is mounting a basket on your MTB.

But is a basket suitable for a mountain bike?

Key Takeaways

This article will tackle the following:

  • Putting a basket on a mountain bike
  • Special attachments for mountain bike baskets
  • The pros and cons of installing a basket to your mountain bike
  • How to choose a mountain bike basket

At the end of the article, we will help you decide whether installing a basket on your mountain bike will help you with your ride.

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There’s no problem with you putting a basket on a mountain bike. The process is straightforward, but you may need a special attachment to install the basket. Depending on its specifications, you may install the basket in front or at the rear of your mountain bike.

It would be best if you considered different factors when planning to install a basket on your mountain bike. I’ll discuss everything you need to know about mountain bikes and bike baskets.

Can I Put A Basket On A Mountain Bike?

Are you planning to use your mountain bike for regular commuting? If you are a cyclist, you probably know that mountain bikes do not usually have many accessories installed. You want them to be as light as possible, making them easy to maneuver, especially during ascends.

Meanwhile, things are different if you want to use your mountain bike on paved roads. Adding extra storage to the bike, such as a basket, is a thing people think of doing. A survey conducted by the International Journal Of Electrical And Computer Engineering (IJECE) found that out of 288 bike owners, 28.8% prefer a basket as an additional accessory.

But is a mountain bike and basket a good combination?

Can You Install A Basket On A Mountain Bike?

Putting a basket on your mountain bike is entirely possible. You can install the basket in front or at the back of the bike. Even better, the installation process is quite simple.

However, adding this extra accessory to your mountain bike will increase its weight. But this fact is not an issue if you do not need your bike to be extra fast. Putting a basket on your mountain bike may be beneficial, as you can place additional loads on it instead of carrying it on your back.

When doing this task, you may need to purchase a special attachment, like eyelets, depending on the basket you want to install. Some baskets come with their attachment, so all you have to do is to screw them on your bike. However, it is worth noting that the installation process is not always straightforward. Installing the basket can be tricky if you have a full-suspension mountain bike.

install rear rack and a quick connect bag basket
install rear rack and a quick connect bag basket

Can You Install A Basket On Any Mountain Bike Type?

You can install a basket on any type of mountain bike. However, the installation process may differ from one cycle to another. Different mountain bikes may also need different baskets and special attachments.

There are three major mountain bike types that people commonly use:

  • rigid mountain bike – a bike that consists of a standard fork rather than a suspension
  • full suspension mountain bike – consists of a front and rear shock
  • front suspension mountain bike – only has a suspension for on the front wheel

As mentioned, the basket installation process will vary from one MTB to another. That said, let us discuss how this process may differ in the common mountain bikes that people use:

Rigid Mountain Bike

Professor Wyand Steyn and Janik Warnich mentioned in the publication called Innovate that rigid mountains are not very common among mountain bikers. These bikes do not have suspension systems, giving them more bar sensitivity. This fact makes installing a basket onto the mountain bike easy.

Putting a basket on a suspension mountain bike impacts the shocks’ suspension capabilities. It also limits the type and size of the basket you can install.

Since a rigid mountain bike uses standard forks, you have more basket size and type options. The installation process is easy, as the basket will not interfere with the suspension fork.

Pannier Bags on a Mountain Bike
Pannier Bags on a Mountain Bike

Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This type of mountain bike is the most common choice among trail riders. It absorbs the most shock and vibration, making it the best option for riding on bumpy trails. According to Michael Berry, suspension systems isolate cyclists from vibrations caused by road bumps, resulting in a more comfortable ride.

However, the same suspension system that makes this mountain bike comfortable makes it tricky to install a basket. The reason is that the basket can affect the shock absorption of the mountain bike. And since the front and rear of the MTB both have a suspension fork, you only have limited space to install the basket.

The only option is to use a small basket, so it will not affect how the suspension forks work.

Front Suspension Mountain Bike

As the name suggests, a front suspension MTB only has a suspension fork in front of it. For this reason, you do not want anything to interfere with its shock absorption capabilities, or it will no longer have much shock-resisting power. This fact leaves you with two installation options:

  • on the rear of the mountain bike
  • on the handlebar

Installing the basket on the bike’s rear allows you to fill it with heavy loads. On the other hand, adding weight to your handlebar can make it difficult to maneuver; installing the basket on it is only ideal for carrying lightweight items.

Regardless of how you want to install your mountain bike basket, ensure you find the best spot on the bike. This way, you can ensure that the basket will not obstruct the suspension or how the mountain bike works.

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The Different Attachments For Mountain Bike Baskets

While there is a limit to your mountain bike installation options, there are various attachments you can use to install the basket.

Quick-Release Attachment

This attachment has a unique mechanism that makes it easy to install and remove from the bike without needing to use any tool. You can use this attachment to connect the basket to the handlebar for suspension mountain bikes and on the fork’s stem for rigid ones.

However, a quick-release attachment cannot support the basket if its contents are too heavy.

Topeak Front Mount Bike Basket
Topeak Front Mount Bike Basket

Front Rack Attachment

Another tool you can use to install a basket on your mountain bike is a front rack. A front rack serves as a mounting spot for the basket.

There are two front racks – a standard rack and a lower rider rack. However, the standard rack is the only type you can use for a basket. The reason is that a lower rider rack hangs on the sides of your mountain bike’s front part, so it is only suitable for hanging bags.

On the other hand, you have to install the standard rack on top of the mountain bike’s front wheel, allowing you to increase its load capacity. After installing the rack, you can mount your basket using zip ties, screws, or the attachment system the basket comes with upon purchase.

Struts Attachment

This type of attachment is ideal for rigid mountain bikes. If your mountain bike’s forks have fender eyelets, you can use them to attach the support struts in front of the bike.

But just because your mountain bike does not have fender eyelets does not mean you cannot use a struts attachment. You can still connect this attachment to the bike if you have P-clamps. However, using P-clamps as an attachment point will not give the same stability as installing a struts attachment to the front rack or fender eyelets.

After installing the attachment of the struts, you will next mount the basket onto it.

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Bike Hand Repair Stand
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Bike Hand 37 pcs Tool Box
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Topeak Smartgauge D2 Air Pressure

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The Pros And Cons Of Installing A Basket On Your Mountain Bike

Understanding the technicalities of installing a basket on a mountain bike is crucial. However, understanding these technicalities alone is not enough. Instead, you also need to know the pros and cons of installing a basket to your MTB to help you decide whether it will benefit you.

Understanding The Advantages

Increases your load capacity

A bike basket allows you to carry more loads while you are traveling. Instead of putting your things in a bag and carrying it on your back, you can arrange them in the basket. The basket is especially helpful during long rides, as carrying a heavy backpack can be uncomfortable after some time.

Keeps your things organized

Carrying a backpack while cycling makes it sway, particularly when you pass on bumps. As a result, the items inside the bag become messed up. However, securely mounting a basket to your mountain bike can keep your things organized, as the basket will not shake during your ride.

Essential MTB Accessories
Essential MTB Accessories

It helps you efficiently access your things.

If your things are in a bag, you must stop your ride if you need to access something inside the bag. On the other hand, a basket offers easy access to your possessions. If the basket is in front of a mountain bike, you can easily reach it when you need to get something.

The Disadvantages

Adds weight to the bike

A basket makes your mountain bike bulky. On top of that, it increases the bike’s weight, which can make it a bit challenging to maneuver.

Affects balance

Installing a basket on the rear part of your mountain bike impacts balance. Fortunately, you can prevent this disadvantage by evenly distributing the weight of your bike basket’s contents. This way, you can keep the mountain bike’s center of gravity.

How To Choose the Right Mountain Bike Basket

There are only a few things you need to consider when choosing a basket for your MTB:


One of the first things to consider when getting a basket for your mountain bike is the size. You want the basket not to be too small that it could not hold all your things but not too large that it would make the mountain bike bulky.

You also need to ensure that the basket will not make your bike too heavy. According to Jeremy Grooves in his study Bicycle Weight And Commuting Time: A Randomized Trial, keeping the bike lightweight makes it easy to maneuver, especially on uphill roads.


Metal, wicker, or folding basket? Mountain bike baskets come in different types. For this reason, choose one that can withstand various riding conditions. If you intend to put heavy items in your basket, select a metal one so that it can handle your parcels.


Baskets come in different sizes and types. When choosing the one you want to install on your mountain bike, you want to look at the basket’s specifications to ensure that it is compatible with your MTB.

Rear rack and panniers to carry more stuff
Rear rack and panniers to carry more stuff

Basket On Mountain Bike: The Takeaway

You can install a basket on a mountain bike as long as its size and type are compatible with your bike’s model. Some baskets come with a dedicated mounting point. In contrast, others require a support struts attachment, a quick-release mechanism, or a front rack during installation.

Do you have any questions about putting a basket on a mountain bike? We’d love t hear your thoughts, so drop your comments, questions, and suggestions in our comment box.

Different mountain bike types require different basket installation methods. After identifying the compatible basket type and size, the installation process will be straightforward.


David Humphries is the creator of DIY Mountain Bike. For me a relaxing day involves riding my mountain bike to decompress after a long day. When not on my bike I can be found wrenching on it or making YouTube videos at 👉 DIY Mountain Bike Read more about David HERE.


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