Brakes are one of the essential components of an MTB. They let you halt your bike if an unforeseen obstacle suddenly shows after passing through a blind spot. If you want an excellent braking system for your MTB, you need to find the best V brakes for mountain bikes.

The best choices for mountain bike v-brakes are the Shimano Deore BR-T610 set or the Shimano Alivio BR-T4000 V Brake set.  Shimano is a proven brand using high quality cast materials on the caliper arms and brake shoes smoothly apply grip to bike rims. 

On the list, the Shimano DEORE BR-T610 is a V-brake set ideal for people on a budget. It is compatible with many MTB models, so using it means you can control your bike easily. Here are the best mountain bike V brake choices.

DIY MTB Pro Tip: Shimano sells brakes individually for front and back.  When shopping remember to get both front and rear sets.

7 Best Mountain Bike V-Brakes

Shimano Deore BR-T610 – Best Overall

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars

What We Like

  • Compatible with various mountain bike models
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • It offers excellent control when slowing your bike down
Shimano Deore BR-T610 Bike V-Brakes
Shimano Deore BR-T610 Bike V-Brakes

Confidence in your V-Brakes

The BR-T610 v-brakes give you the confidence to ride safer. Knowing that when you squeeze the brake levers you’ll stop with control. The technical term is brake modulation. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Link button below to Amazon for prices and reviews

The Drawbacks

We have yet to find any! The Shimano BR-T610 is a beginner’s best V brakes for mountain bikes. Shimano designed this V-brake set in a way that it can provide cyclists with braking power and durability. The rear brakes have a steel caliper, allowing them to withstand bumpy and rough rides.

Moreover, the entire construction of the brakes contains resin-designed 2-pistons. Shimano’s design also makes this brake system compatible with various mountain bike models.

Using this V-brake set will help you avoid accidents as it performs well regardless of the environment you are riding. It even works with low noise, along with its excellent stopping power. Shimano made sure that you can easily reach the lever when operating these V brakes for ease of use.

The Shimano BR-T610 is an excellent choice for both beginners and professionals as it brings all the benefits that you can only find in expensive V brakes. (source)

Learn how to install and adjust Shimano v-brakes with this Free User’s Manual Download PDF -> Shimano V-Brake Users Manual

Shimano BR-T4000 V Brake Set (Alivio) – Great Value for V Brakes

Our Rating: 5 Stars

What We Like

  • Quiet performance
  • Ease of installation
  • Compatible with any mountain bike

The Drawbacks

  • The rubber pad needs an upgrade
Shimano BR-T4000 Alivio V Brakes
Shimano BR-T4000 Alivio V Brakes

Looking for great value?

The Shimano Alivio BR-T4000 V-Brakes just work. No crazy pad compound or fancy inserts for the pads. A solid choice for confident stopping power.

Read what others are saying and see how inexpensive these brakes are with the shortcut link below.

Shimano is one of the most popular brands for producing mountain bike brakes, so you can ensure that their V brakes are the best V brakes for mountain bikes. Its product, the Shimano BR-T4000 Front V Brakes, boasts high-quality materials, ensuring its durability.

This V brake system offers smooth stopping and quiet operation. With the BR-T4000 V-Brake, your bike will not make annoying screeching sounds whenever you stop. It also provides riding comfort, thanks to the x-type 107mm arch.

In addition, this braking system has a mudguard part. This additional feature protects and houses the V brake so that it will not accumulate too much mud when you are riding on wet trails. Mud accumulation on brakes can cause the bike to fall, so adding a mudguard to the V brake will prevent accidents. (source)

CYSKY Mountain Bike V Brakes – Best Front and Rear Brakes

Our Rating: 4 Stars

What We Like

  • It consists of high-quality materials
  • Lightweight
  • Features the correct brake arm length

The Drawbacks

  • Not compatible with all types of mountain bikes

Check out the current prices and reviews on Amazon with this shortcut link -> CYSKY Mountain Bike V Brake Set

The CYSKY Mountain Bike V Brakes is one of the best V brakes for mountain bikes. The package comes with two brake systems that you can use for your front and rear wheel. Even better, you can purchase these V brakes for an affordable price.

These V brakes consist of aluminum alloy and an arch size of 107mm. It is easy to install, making it a fantastic mountain bike modification product.

Moreover, the CYSK V brakes pair come with a brake noodle, brake boot, and lock screw. You will get the best V brakes for mountain bikes, but all the installation tools will also be available. (source)

Riakrum 2 Sets Bike Brakes – Best for All Biking Conditions

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars

What We Like

  • Excellent performance without too much noise
  • Provides comfort and assistance
  • Built to last
  • Compatible with any riding condition

The Drawbacks

  • The tension spring needs an update

Check the prices and reviews on Amazon with this shortcut link -> Riakum 2 Sets V Brakes

The best V brakes for mountain bikes should be able to withstand all weather conditions. If you are looking for such V brakes, you need to check out the Riakrum 2 Sets Bike Brakes. It guarantees an excellent performance, regardless of whether it rains or the sun is high.

These brakes come with four cable caps and two braking cables for easy installation. The cable caps provide fantastic performance whenever you grab the brakes.

These V brakes promise long-term use thanks to the aluminum alloy brake arm and solid PU dust pipe. It performs smoothly without producing too much noise – a praiseworthy feature that only the best V brakes for mountain bikes have. (source)

RUJOI Bike Brakes Set – Best for Budget

Our Rating: 4 Stars

What We Like

  • Compatible with all types of mountain bikes
  • Equipped with a flexible spring for excellent assistance
  • Durable aluminum arm

The Drawbacks

The adjustments screws are not that good

These v-brakes have an aluminum alloy material to withstand the abuse, especially on technical trails. The aluminum alloy has a length of approximately 110mm, with 5mm rubber pads that comply with the EN14766 standards.

This set of brakes also has an adjustable arch for tension control.

The RUJOI v-brakes are among the best V brakes for mountain bikes in terms of performance. The specially designed brake pads minimize the braking distance as long as you install them properly. If the front and rear pads touch your mountain bike’s rims, it is a sign of proper installation.

Moreover, the package includes four pieces of V-brake pads, two-bolt screw sets, and a V-brake kit. For this reason, buying this V-brake set means you will have everything you need for installation. (source)

CNC Bicycle V Brake Set – Best for Quiet Braking

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars

What We Like

  • Offers fantastic braking skills
  • Functions silently
  • Features high-quality rubber pads that add to the brake’s durability
  • Brakes smoothly

The Drawbacks

  • The package lacks an installation manual

Get those brakes to stop squealing. Shortcut link to Amazon to the -> CNC V Brake Set

The CNC V-Brake Set is the best V brake for mountain bikes in noiseless function. Its arm, which measures 110mm, will not sound when you try to stop your cycle. It is also adjustable to find the right setting for your riding style.

These brakes boast a T6 Aluminum composition, providing riders with smooth hold whenever they ride on rough roads. This feature prevents hand fatigue during bumpy rides.

CNC gives you two options for the length of your brake pads. The first-choice measures 70mm, while the other measures 55mm. This way, you will be able to choose which one will provide the most comfort to your hands.

Moreover, these brake pads have a high-quality rubber material that is wear and tear-resistant. For this reason, your V brakes will last for a more extended period than standard V brakes. (source)

Promax V-Brake Set – Best for Quality

Our Rating: 5 Stars

What We Like

  • Provides noiseless braking
  • Excellent design
  • Fantastic stopping function

The Drawbacks

  • The plastic spacer is not durable

Link to Amazon if interested in the Promax Brakes -> Promax V-Brakes

Promax is one of the top V-brake manufacturers. Thanks to its minimalist and straightforward design, this particular V-brake set from the said brand is reliable and easy to install.

The V-brake set has a sturdy aluminum build that makes it lightweight. For this reason, it is not bulky when you install it on your mountain bike. The weight it will add to your bike will not even be noticeable.

This braking set performs excellently, making it one of the best V brakes for mountain bikes. However, it is essential to note that you need to install it correctly to feel its incredible stopping power. It comes with 110mm arms that you can easily access when conquering technical trails.

The packages also include a screw and a cantilever that you can use to adjust the braking system. Indeed, the Promax V-brake set is a highly functional braking system. (source)

Guide to Choosing the Best V Brakes for Mountain Bikes

V Brakes for Mountain Bikes
V Brakes for Mountain Bikes

There are a lot of V brakes available on the market today. These endless choices make it challenging to find which one is the best V brakes for mountain bikes. However, you can make your purchasing journey easy by knowing the features you need to look for on V brakes.


You want your V- brakes to sit perfectly on your bike’s wheel and frame. For this reason, you need to ensure that the brake set you are eyeing is compatible with the mountain bike model you have.

Alternatively, you can choose a V-brake set that you can use on any bike. For this reason, you can still use the V brakes even when you purchase a new bike. Doing this will also help you save money as you will no longer have to buy new V brakes when you replace your old bike with a new and better model.

DYI MTB Tip: I’ve got a great v-brake adjustment article that details the tools needed and step by step how to -> Link How to Adjust Front V Brakes on a Bike


The best V brakes for mountain bikes need to have materials that promise durability. Mountain biking means taking on rough, bumpy, and even muddy roads no matter the weather condition. If your V brakes are durable, they will not only withstand various riding conditions but will also last for an extended period.

One of the best materials for V brakes is aluminum alloy. This material can endure constant rough use and changing weather conditions.

Arm Length

The right arm length for brake arms all boils down to your preferences. For this reason, it is ideal for testing out a few of the best V brakes for mountain bikes and seeing which one will work best for you.

Abrasion Resistance

Your V brakes should be abrasion-resistant, especially if you use them for a long time. The trails where mountain bikers often go to have many obstacles, such as rocks, bumps, and things that can ruin your brakes if they are not durable.

But if you are using an abrasion-resistant V-brake system, you will be able to use your mountain bike in extreme conditions without worrying that your brakes may acquire damage.

Brake Pad Comfort and Quality

Brake pads need to be comfortable and easy to use when you grab them. But apart from comfort, it is equally essential to ensure that your brake pads have high-quality materials. These materials should also be smooth and soft to provide excellent assistance. (source)

Benefits Of Using V-Brakes

Investing in the best V brakes for mountain bikes ensures durability. They are also easy to install, allowing you to make the performance of your rim braking better. So, if you want to take your off-road bike to a whole new level, it is ideal to invest in V brakes.

If you are not yet convinced, below are the benefits of using V brakes on mountain bikes.

Works With a Variety of Bike Models

You can use V brakes on different bike models. Apart from mountain bikes, you can also install V brakes on road bikes and hybrid bikes. Since V brakes are compatible with most bikes, you will not have any trouble finding the braking set that will work for you.

It Offers Excellent Stopping Power

V brakes have greater stopping power than other types of brakes. The reason is that this braking system has a better pulling angle and longer brake arms than standard brake sets. With the pulling angle and long brake arms combined, V brakes can grab the rim harder than other brakes without you having to exert more effort.

Ease of Installation

When installing V brakes, there are only a few parts that you need to screw together. For this reason, cyclists find V brakes easier to install than cantilevers and other brake types. So, if you are a beginner cyclist and want to replace your mountain bike’s brakes, using V brakes is ideal.

Do Not Strain the Bike’s Hubs or Spokes

Like the best V brakes for mountain bikes, disc brakes are also an excellent addition to your MTB. The only problem is that they heat up quickly, causing them to strain the hubs and spokes.

On the other hand, V brakes do not stress the hubs and spokes, making them an excellent brake set.

With V brakes, your mountain bike’s wheels and parts will not heat up, allowing you to increase their lifespan.

It Does Not Hinder Other Bike Components

When installing V brakes, you place them on the bike frame’s upper section. They do not obstruct the other parts of your bike, such as the kickstand placement or handlebar movement.


V brakes use your bike rim as the brake rotor, so they do not have an actual one integrated into them. They only have two brake arms, making them lighter than disc and other brake types.

However, it is worth noting that your mountain bike’s rim has to be thick and heavy. If not, the rim will wear down fast when using V brakes. But if you have a wide rim, V brakes are beneficial as they do not add much weight to the mountain bike. (source)

MTB V-Brakes
MTB V-Brakes

The Drawbacks

While the best V brakes for mountain bikes are beneficial, they also have disadvantages.

Bulky Design

V brakes are larger than regular brakes. They also have a metal noodle installed, making their design bulky. As a result, the cyclist’s body may hit this metal noodle. This issue may cause your bike to fall while you are mountain biking.

Less Braking Power in Wet Riding Conditions

One of the main disadvantages of V brakes is that their braking power reduces in wet riding conditions. Since the bike’s rim has a large surface and is very close to the ground, they quickly become damp and accumulate dirt. For this reason, the V brake’s braking power decreases when the brake pads grab the rim.

Makes Rim Consumable

V brakes use the bike’s rim as its brake rotor. For this reason, installing V brakes will wear out your rim over time. However, you do not have to worry if you have a high-quality and thick rim, as it would take years before the V brakes damage it. (source)

The Bottom-Line Stops Here 🤩

With all the V brakes compared, we can conclude that the best V brakes for mountain bikes are the Shimano BR-T610. This V brake set is a budget-friendly yet high-quality option for beginners and professionals alike. These V brakes are compatible with many mountain bike models, offering them smooth stopping even on rough roads.

Other excellent options are the Shimano BR-T4000 and CYSKY V Brake Set. Both offer quiet and smooth operation, making it easy for you to stop your mountain bike. The two V brakes provide excellent stopping comfort along with riding comfort.

This V brake set does not feel heavy and has an ergonomic design, so you can ensure that you get what it’s worth.

Moreover, the V brakes mentioned in this review work with many bike models and are easy to install. For this reason, you can ensure that your V brakes will work excellently for an extended period.

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