Looking for a COST Effective Mountain Bike Stand

Check out the Bikehand Mountain Bike Stand Model YC-100BH. (link to Amazon)  The first thing that comes to mind is VALUE.  No this isn’t a heavy duty shop stand, it is the perfect bike stand for the passionate rider though.  Costing less than 1/3 what most bike stands retail – Mine was just under $90.  Check the link above for what over 1000 folks have said about this stand.

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Bike Hand Bike Repair Stand YC-100BH (5 downloads)

Best Mountain Bike Work Stand - Bikehand YC-100BH

Best Mountain Bike Work Stand – Bikehand YC-100BH

Best Bike Stand Bike Hand

Best Bike Stand Bike Hand

So what makes the Bikehand Stand so Special

  • Full rotating clamp to hold the frame or seatpost
  • Light weight Aluminum Body – weighs about 15 lbs
  • Adjustable height from about 39″ to 59″.  I wish it did go a little higher.
  • Super portable – the legs and head fold down flat in seconds.
  • Includes a Tool plate with a magnet
  • Clamping head is fully adjustable.  First you spin the lever to snug, then throw the cam lock to tighten down
  • Incorporates many of the high end features and a fraction of the cost.

Check out the Bikehand website for more information on the Bikehand YC-100BH (link to Bikehand website)

As I post more articles you’ll get to see this stand in action.

For the price you really can’t go wrong – I hope you consider getting the Bikehand Mountain Bike Stand Model YC-100BH (Link for pricing and reviews on Amazon)

Check out the Unboxing Video and Review of My BikeHand Bike Stand.