Best Mountain Bike Tool Kit

While my mission to build a mountain bike, I knew I’d have to gather up some tools. I looked at all the big-name tool companies like PARK and came to the conclusion that if I bought those, I wouldn’t have enough money to get parts.

I concluded for the money the Best Mountain Bike Tool Kit I could get is the Bikehand Bike Repair Tool Kit with Torque Wrench.

The tool kit I actually bought was discontinued and Bikehand brought out a better tool kit that contained a torque wrench. I really recommend this tool kit – if you’d like to check out the reviews and price here’s a link to AMAZON – Bikehand Bike Repair Tool Kit with Torque Wrench.

What Do You Get in This Tool Set?

Bikehand Bike Repair Tool Kit
Bikehand Bike Repair Tool Kit

Contained in the sturdy case is 23 essential tools for building and repairing a mountain bike. I especially like the included torque wrench. Carbon frames are super sensitive to cracking from over tightening bolts so don’t mess up a +$1000 bike by cracking a seat post.
The kit also contains a chain brake that adjusts to ALL size chains. With the advent of 1X drive trains super thin chains have hit the market. To correctly brake and repair these chains you need a tool like this one.

Here’s the Complete List of Contained Tools

  • Torque wrench set – Essential for brakes, carbon frames and handle bars. Messing up hundreds of dollar’s worth of bike parts just isn’t worth it.
  • Chain Ring Nut Wrench – this little wrench works on those low-profile bolts used on chain rings.
  • Chain Scrubber – a multi-functional tool for picking junk out of your rear cassette and scrubbing of your chain.
  • Master Link Tool – Grab hold of your chain master link and pop off the end with ease.
  • Cable Cutter – Cut cables to length and crimp on the ends. Critical for setting up your derailleur.
chain brake tool
chain brake tool
  • Chain Brake Tool – with so many size chains an adjustable brake tool is critical.
  • Tire Lever Set – I thought these things were a gimmick, but after I tried one you realize they work like a third hand.
  • Spoke Wrench 3.2/3.3/3.5/4.0mm – Why can’t spokes be common. Get all the wrenches to true any wheel.
  • TORX wrenches – T10/T15/T20/T25/T27/T30/T40/T45/T50 a great set. My son grabbed a couple of mine for his own tool box.
  • Chain Hook – Spring loaded. If you repair your chain (and you will) this is a great tool.
  • Pedal Wrench – Thin and with a long arm for leverage. – PERFECT
  • 8mm Hex Key Wrench / Square Adapter -8mm is super common and with the adapter you get perfect leverage for lots of other tools.
  • Freewheel Turner/Pedal Wrench – It is super easy to bust up your knuckles on gears. Use this tool and be safe.
Bottom Bracket Tool
Bottom Bracket Tool
  • Bottom Bracket Wrench – for Hollowtech II BB, BB-9000, BBR60 Lots of Bottom Brackets this one fits Hollowtech
  • Press-fit BB installation tool – Different size bottom brackets need different tools
  • Press-fit BB removal tool – Another BB tool for installing and removing a BB.
  • Crank Puller – pop it in and drive out your crank
  • Chain Wear Indicator find out when your chain is worn out. Read this Article – LINK How long does a Mountain Bike Chain Last
  • Dust Cap Wrench – used on the little cap that covers the crank.
  • Freewheel Remover – Fits on the wheel
  • Cartridge B.B. tool – fits over cartridge style BBs
  • Chain rivet extractor – slip it over the rivet to pull it out.
  • Flat/Phillips screwdriver – Neat – the tool flips to be used as either a flat or phillips
  • Hex key wrench 2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm – You’ll use this the most.

I’d like you to compare this list to the article I wrote – ESSENTAIL TOOLS FOR MOUNTAIN BIKING. (link to article) You’re going to find this kit has close to everything needed to build, repair and maintain a MTB.

AGAIN – if you’d like to check the price and reviews here’s a link to AMAZON – Bikehand Bike Repair Tool Kit with Torque Wrench.

With a half dozen more tools and including a tire pump and a Bike Repair Stand – link to the one I use.

Here’s my video reviewing the Bikehand Repair Tool Kit