A Review of the Best Mountain Bike Mirror

Ok, it seems weird to say you can have the “BEST” of something as simple a mountain biking mirror. During my recent project converting an older MTB into a road worthy commuter I got a chance to shop for bike mirrors.
I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be frustrated with a department store bike mirror.

If you’re really looking for THE BEST MOUNTAIN BIKE MIRROR – Get the Mirrycle Mountain Bike Mirror.

(The above is a link to AMAZON. Hundreds of reviews and to check the price)

My Bike Mirror Story

I completed my MTB conversion, tires, rack, fenders and a Walmart bike mirror. On my dirt road test ride hauling packages to the post office, I quickly noticed that the Walmart mirror bounced around so much it was basically useless, it just wouldn’t stay set in the correct position.
I returned the junky Walmart Mirror and started searching and shopping for something a new. On my way home from work I stopped at my LBS (local bike shop). They carried the Mirrycle Mirror, but I was put off by the price. At the shop it was over $20 and nobody could give me much information on it.
At home I did some online sniffing and came across the Mirrycle Brand Mountain Bike Mirror. The description on Amazon was a little vague, but the reviews were AWESOME. Plus it was priced less than what I saw at the LBS.
I bought and RECOMMEND the Mirrycle Mirror!

MTB Mirror
MTB Mirror

How to Install the MTB Mirror

Mirrycle Mirror Parts
Mirrycle Mirror Parts
  1. These instructions are for installing on the LEFT SIDE Handle Bar. Get your bike and a sharp craft knife like an EXACTO.
  2. Cut out the end of the LEFT-HAND handle bar grip or if your bike has a plug remove it.
  3. The mirror kit comes with two round wedges. Select the largest wedge that fits inside your handle bar.
  4. Loosely assembly the mirror to look like below. Remember to install all the washers. These allow adjustment and tightening.
  5. Slide the mirror assembly into your bar end and finger tighten all bolts. At this tightness you should still be able to move the mirror in three axis.
  6. Tighten the Mirror Base to a 45-degree angle, this position works best to start. I tighten this bot down pretty tight at this point.
  7. Grab the included hex wrench and go for a test ride on a quiet street that has very little traffic. I stopped a couple times to adjust the position.
  8. With the mirror positioned, tighten all the bolts down. Firmly tighten all the bolts, this will “lock in” the mirror so it does bounce around.

Qualities I Like about the Mirrycle Mountain Bike Mirror

  • Sturdy Durable Materials, the mirror I attachment arms, bolts and wedge are a Black Metal. I haven’t dropped my bike on this side yet but feel the mirror it might survive.
  • The Mirror, is slightly convex shaped so you get a wider field of vision behind. Remember this also means objects behind you are closer than they appear.
  • Tighten into the Position, The Walmart mirror didn’t provide anyway tighten the mirror once it was loose. The Mirrycle Mirror can be wrenched down tight and STAYS were you set it. Bouncing down a dirt road a mirror is useless unless you can tighten it into poition.
  • The only tool needed is a hex wrench – THAT’S INCLUDED

I’m not trying to over sell this mirror but If you’ve read this far – Here’s a link to Amazon to read hundreds of great reviews MIRRYCLE MTB BIKE MIRROR

Common Questions about this Mirror

What size handle bar does this mirror fit onto?
With the two included wedges this mirror will install into handle bars 15.2mm (about 5/8 inch) to 23.4mm (about 15/16 inch) This is the INSIDE DIAMETER.

Is it easy to remove the Mirror?
If you want to remove the mirror, simply loosen the long bolt that extends into the handle bar. I’ve taken my mirror off 3 or 4 times at this point with no problems.

Can I use this mirror if I have Drop handle bars?
This mirror will install into most drop style handle bars. There are better options for drop style handle bars though, I’d continue shopping – here’s a suggestion – Hafny Bar End Mirror (Amazon Link) but I personally haven’t tried.

How about a Video for installing the Mirrycle MTB Mirror

Installation Video from Mirrycle Mirror