The best MTB saddle for big guys or girls should provide the utmost comfort. Unfortunately, a standard mountain bike saddle can be uncomfortable for a big guy or girl. But there are many saddles made explicitly for people with a big body build.

The best saddle for a big guy or girl is the one that comfortably supports their weight while letting them pedal freely. It should support their sit bones and their riding position to provide optimal comfort. The saddle should also suit their riding position. (source)

There are many MTB saddles available in the market. For this reason, you need to know the factors that you should consider during your buying journey.

Top 5 Best MTB Saddle for Big Guy or Big Girl

Mountain bike saddles can make or break a person’s riding experience. If you are a big guy or a big girl, you may find sitting on a standard-sized saddle uncomfortable. But regardless of these factors, mountain bike saddles are still often overlooked by many.

If you are someone who has a big body build, a standard saddle is particularly uncomfortable. Such a bicycle seat will not support the weight and pressure you put on it. Fortunately, you can get the best MTB saddle for big guys or girls for a fantastic riding experience.

1. Bikeroo Oversized Bikes Saddle

One of the most comfortable saddles for big guys and girls is the Bikeroo Oversized Bike saddle. More than 25,000 cyclists have already tried this bike seat, and they all gave positive reviews.

If comfort is your goal, your going to love the Bikeroo Oversize Bike Saddle <-link to Amazon to read more reviews.

This oversized bike seat features a weather-proof seat cover, keeping it in its proper shape. It also has a thick layer of padding that provides riders with maximum comfort for long-term mountain biking. The saddle’s measurements are 10.2 x 10.2 x 7 inches and weigh approximately 2.6lbs.

It even has dual shock-absorbing steel springs to protect the bike from any possible shock that it may get when you are cycling downhill.

Additionally, the Bikeroo bike saddle can distribute your weight equally. This way, you will not feel any pain or fatigue even when cycling for many hours.

Moreover, this MTB saddle for big guys and girls comes in two different sizes:

  • a saddle with elastomer springs
  • a saddle with stainless springs

But since you are looking for the best MTB saddle for a big guy or girl, you should opt for the saddle type with stainless springs.

Furthermore, the Bikeroo oversized bike saddle is suitable for indoor bikes, mountain bikes, and other types of bikes. (source)

2. Schwinn Comfort Bike Seat

The brand Schwinn is trendy when it comes to mountain bikes. So, it no longer needs an introduction when talking about bicycle products.

The products it manufactures are one of the best in the market. Schwinn’s bike saddle is not an exception from being the best MTB saddle for big guys and girls.

Thousands of ratings and hundreds of questions answered on Amazon here’s a link -> Schwinn Comfort Bike Seat

Schwinn’s Comfort bike saddle boasts itself for its high-density foam padding. It features a comprehensive design that promises comfort while you are mountain biking. The saddle also has elastomer suspension springs that allow the seat to absorb shock when you pass on bumpy terrains.

In addition, the bike seat has a PU cover material. For this reason, you can ensure that the bike seat will not quickly wear out when exposed to sunlight or rain. What’s more, the seat’s lightweight will not weigh you down while you are mountain riding.

The PU cover will also help you remain in position even when you are riding on bumpy trails. (source)

3. DAWAY Comfortable Plus Size Bike Seat

Another best MTB saddle for big guys and girls is DAWAY’s plus-size bike seat. Thanks to its widened high-density padding, this bike seat offers a smooth and painless riding experience for heavy cyclists. For this reason, it can protect your bottom and your spine from any pain while you are mountain biking.

This plus-size bike saddle also has a dual spring suspension that promises a shock-free ride regardless of how bumpy a trail is. It even has a middle-cut design to provide a breathable and properly ventilated riding experience.

If this sounds like the seat for you –  DAWAY Comfortable Plus Size Bike Seat <- Link to Amazon Prices and Reviews

Needless to say, DAWAY created this bike seat to provide comfort and ease in biking, especially for mountain bikers. The tremendous amount of memory foam that it has offers a comfortable riding experience. On the other hand, the PVC leather cover material protects the bike seat from dust and water.

Moreover, the DAWAY bike seat is also non-slip, so you will be able to keep your sitting position when riding downhill. (source)

4. Giddy Up! Comfortable Bike Seat

Giddy Up’s over-size bike seat is also an attractive choice for big guys and girls. Some of its best features are:

  • tail light
  • mounting wrenches
  • reflective straps

These features improve safety when you are mountain biking, especially during the night.

Be safe and comfortable with the Giddy Up! Most Comfortable Bike Saddle <- Link to Amazon for price check.

The seat is weather-proof, so you do not have to worry if it suddenly rains while you are on the way. It is even dust-proof, so there will be no dust building up within the foam’s pores.

Even better, the seat features a gel foam, making it soft and suited for long rides. You will not have to worry that this best MTB saddle for big guys and girls might not fit your bike. The reason is that Giddy Up manufactured it to fit different bike types.

There are also dual rubber balls underneath the seat. This way, this bike saddle can reduce disturbance when cycling on bumpy roads. As per the installation, the saddle comes with everything you need so that you can mount it to your mountain bike easily. (source)

5. YLG Oversized Bike Seat

YLG Bikes specializes in comfortable and sustainable bike products, so there is no doubt that it has the best MTB saddle for big guys and girls. Its oversized bike seat features high-quality elastic memory foam covered by wear-proof PVC leather.

The seat also has broad wings and arcs, which perfectly fits the rider’s sit bone. With this design, cyclists will have strong force energy and steady support without sacrificing comfort.

Moreover, YLG manufactured this seat using universal fittings. So, you can ease yourself by knowing that this bike seat will fit your riding position perfectly.

You’ll notice that the most comfortable bike seats will have “DUAL SPRINGS” – Why? The two springs provide suspension and cushion. The YLG Oversized Bike Seat (Amazon link) has springs above and below the seat bracket.

Similar to Giddy Up’s bike saddle, this one also has a pair of rubber balls at the bottom of the seat. For this reason, you will not feel any pain as the rubber balls will absorb the shock when you ride on bumpy trails.

This bike seat also has:

  • a breathable design
  • a reflective sticker for nighttime rides
  • dual shock absorption spring (source)

How to Remove and Install a New MTB Seat

With a couple tools you can easily change your saddle and start riding more comfortably.

Tools Needed:

  • Phillips Screw Driver
  • 6mm Hex Wrench

Move the reflector out of the way and then loosen the saddle rail bolt just enough to slide the seat over and remove.

Then hook the new seat into the bracket and rotate into position.

Video Installing A New MTB Saddle

Looking for MORE about MTB Seats?

How to Find the Best Mountain Bike Seat for Big Guys and Girls

Bigger saddle for biking comfort
Bigger saddle for biking comfort

Some cyclists think that a bike saddle is a one size fits all seat. However, the reality is that your bike saddle should fit your sit bone, riding position, and the type of cycling that you do. This way, you will experience comfortable and painless biking.

To help you find the best MTB saddle for big guys or girls, here are some factors that you should not overlook:

Select your preferred saddle cover

The bike seat’s cover is the area that is directly connected to your sit bone. For this reason, you need to choose what material you will be most comfortable with.

There are three types of seat covers:

  • synthetic
  • leather
  • cotton

Synthetic covers are low maintenance and lightweight. It does not require break-in time, so bike seats with synthetic covers are popular for many cyclists.

Leather saddle covers use synthetic leather made with similar materials to an authentic one. But it is essential to note that some leather saddles are composed of leather covers stretched and suspended between the metal frame’s rails. Therefore, it requires a break-in period of approximately 200 miles before you experience its fits like a glove benefit.

Meanwhile, cotton covers stretch and move a little while you are cycling. So, it offers comfort and control regardless of how you sit.

The bike seat’s size

Bike seats come in various sizes so that they can accommodate different body types. If you want comfortable mountain biking, you need to choose a seat size that fits your body build well.

Moreover, getting the best MTB saddle for big guys and girls depends on how wide the saddle is. The right size should be able to support your sit bone while preventing it from rubbing and chafing.

It is also worth noting that men’s and women’s saddles are made to accommodate variations in sit bones and hip-width. But regardless of whether a saddle is for men or women, you should go for the one that fits you the most.

Saddle rails

The bike seat’s rails are its connection to the bike. Different rail materials mean different weights, costs, flexibility, and strength. Therefore, you need to consider the rails when getting the best MTB saddle for big guys and girls.

Moreover, you can choose between:

  • steel
  • alloy
  • carbon and;
  • titanium bike seat rails

The heaviest material is steel, but it is also quite reliable. So, if weight is one of your concerns, steel may not be the best option for you.

Alloy is lighter than steel. But despite the weight, it can still provide the strength that your seat needs.

Meanwhile, carbon and titanium are very lightweight and can absorb vibrations. However, they can be more expensive than the other options. But if you have an extra budget, these two rail materials can be the best MTB saddle for big guys and girls. (source)


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